Pines to broadleaf on Sand Dunes

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In article <B0D0443A96683B8C8 at>, D J Roberts <groveti at> wrote:
>I have 15-yr old pines (P. Thunbergii) and marram grass retaining shoreline
>sand dunes in southern Japan, and want to move a stage further forward by
>varying the planting, introducing underplanting (and perhaps improving the
>Climate is warm temperate (0-40¡C, 2 months summer rain, 3 months summer
>dry, rain in winter, 40 inches/100cm annually).
>First ideas are eucalypts, poplars (alba/tremula>, chestnut (C. sativa),
>sycamore maple (acer pseudoplatanus), hawthorns, etc.

How windswept is it?  In Cornwall, oak grows right down to the high
water mark in sheltered areas.  In more windswept areas, you get sloe,
gorse (but watch out!) etc.  I would recommend trying the tougher local
natives of that type - some will live, and some won't.  There are also
exotics like tamarisk, which do well by the sea.

But the real issue to the survival of almost anything is how much fresh
water there is flowing off the land beneath the dunes.  If there is any,
you should have little trouble - if there is none at all during the dry
season, only the most maritime of plants will survive.

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