Pines to broadleaf on Sand Dunes

Takuya Ito noctuid at
Fri Jan 2 13:09:45 EST 1998

Pinus thunbergii, Japanese black pine, is common species
in Japan except Hokkaido island where I'm living.
The species prefers sand coast, but grows in 800m mountains.
Tokara Islands, south of Kyusyu is., is the southern limit, and the climate
is warmer
than your place (10-35 deg.C),  and humid weather without dry season.
There is another species P. densiflora, Japanese red pine, in Japan that
be more suitable for your place (.adapted to dried barren and cool
place, -10 to 35 deg.C).

I don't have no information about the quarantine act in your country.
In Japan, inport of plants with soil is impossible to avoid nematoda and
insect pests
transmitted by soil.
The japanese beetle is the famous exported insect pest of the pulses from
Japan to US.
I think your custom fears these pest from my coutry.

Try moving. If unsuccessful, I will send you the seeds of both species.
Because the seeds
are easy to get for me and easy to export.

Takuya Ito

Sorry for my poor English.

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