I think my Indian Rubber Plant (indoor) is dying!

ask and ye shall know damean at juno.com
Sun Jan 4 00:18:18 EST 1998

I would propagate and if it comes down to repoting then you would do some
good to add a nice layer of perlight or vermiculight in the bottom to help
with keeping the roots dry and try a realy light soil mix
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>> : Help
>> : How do I know if my plant is overwatered.  I think the leaves are
>> : to sag.
>> : The problem is it's potted in a huge pot container that do not have any
>> : outlet at the bottom.  Please don't advise me to repot it because it's
>> : quite a huge plant.
>> : What can i do - i can't bear to see it die.
>> :
>> : rtaye at pacific.net.sg
>> I suggest you propagate the plant befor you loose it.   Then you can
>> over with a properly drained container.
>> Anne
>Try tipping the pot on its edge and taking a drill and drill several holes
>in the
>bottom of the pot.

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