jacobs cup

SunGrow sungrow at aol.com
Sat Jan 10 07:41:38 EST 1998

>A friend described a houseplant she's owned for many years she calls jacob's
>cup.  She describes it as somewhat similar to purple tradescantia (purple
>heart9 but with green leaves and white flowers.  Anyone know what she's
>For Np at aol.com

On our Web Page the Time Life Link, I have found these 
EncyclopediaPOLEMONIUM, with image of Polemonium 
caeruleum/Jacob's-ladder EncyclopediaPOLEMONIUM (Creeping Jacob's 
Ladder) EncyclopediaVERBASCUM (great mullein, Aaron's rod, Jacob's 

If you would like to search it  stop by at
Thank You, SunGrow Seed

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