nectar sugar composition

Pacini Ettore Pacini at
Wed Jan 14 09:32:06 EST 1998

I would like to discuss about nectar sugar composition variations within
the same flower. There are a lot of informations about nectar
composition variation at the individual, inter and intra-population
levels and much more informations on the diversity of nectar composition
in different species. Also there are papers about the influence of
environmental factors (T, relative humidity, soil moisture...)on nectar
production and composition. But I want to point out the variation in
nectar quantity and composition within the same flower at different
stages of anthesis. I have observed this phenomenon in male and female
flowers of Cucurbita. After the end of anthesisi there is a drastic
reduction in nectar volume and sugars content, especially in the female
flower. If somebody has similar observations in other species, please
contact me.

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