HELP, sick Dracaena Marginata

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>I would greatly appreciate some advice on the following,
>I have a tricolor Dracaena Marginata which is about 3 years old.  I has
>been doing very well, so well in fact that I had to repot it (It is
>about 5').  I did this a week ago and all of a sudden it is looking VERY
>sick!  The leaves are all withering up and falling off.
>I don't know if it is too much water, or too little, or the soil I used
>(Shultz All-Purpose Potting Soil Plus .08-.12-.08) or perhaps could it
>be that it was very cold (~10 Deg. F) when I took it outside?  I had it
>outside for less than 5 minutes.
>Any ideas? Can I expect it to recover? Anything I can do?

Uh, I don't know why you took a tropical plant outside in 10F temps
but yeah, that could have done it... I lost a bunch of plants once
when my heater broke and the inside temps went down to 45F so a few
minutes at 10F might be killing for some plants, I suspect.

When you repotted it, by how much did you increase the pot size? And
does the new pot have good drainage? Plants should be potted up into
the next size pot, always with good drainage (unless you're really
an expert in assessing the plant's water needs).

If the pot is too big or there's no drainage, try a smaller well-drained
pot. Unfortunately, I suspect the cold is what did it and it may be
out of your control at this point.

Good luck!

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