HELP, sick Dracaena Marginata

Jeannettea Staats staamu at
Mon Jan 19 12:02:59 EST 1998

Neal Seidl wrote:

> I would greatly appreciate some advice on the following,
> I have a tricolor Dracaena Marginata which is about 3 years old.  I has
> been doing very well, so well in fact that I had to repot it (It is
> about 5').  I did this a week ago and all of a sudden it is looking VERY
> sick!  The leaves are all withering up and falling off.
> I don't know if it is too much water, or too little, or the soil I used
> (Shultz All-Purpose Potting Soil Plus .08-.12-.08) or perhaps could it
> be that it was very cold (~10 Deg. F) when I took it outside?  I had it
> outside for less than 5 minutes.
> Any ideas? Can I expect it to recover? Anything I can do?
> Thanks,
> -Neal

The 10 degrees are scary, but if it was protected from drafts during that
time I have hope.  If the leaves have collapsed straight down and the cane
feels limber when you shake it, its a goner.  On the up side what's wrong
might just be a coincidence with the cold exposure.  I would try two things
at this time.  If it has needed repotting for a while, you may have been
over watering, so use some Subdue or Ban Rot on the soil.  Also spider mites
love the dry warn air inside at this time of year so spray with 50/50
solution of alcohol/water with a bit of dish soap.  If you have the patience
hand wiping  with the solution works better.  Good Luck, tri-colors are
lovely plants.

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