WANTED: _Strongylodon_ or _Mucuna_

G. "DEL ZZ FROM ADDR" Resta resta at ZZimc.pi.cnr.it
Mon Jan 19 05:24:25 EST 1998

In article <69k6br$hc8 at mochi.lava.net>, egilding at lava.net (Ed Gilding) wrote:

> I am looking for seeds or rooted cuttings of any species of 
> _Strongylodon_ or New Guinean _Mucuna_.  Perferably with accession 
> numbers and habitat data.

B&T Seeds, to which I'm connected only as customer,
has in its large catalog (more than 37,000 items, if I remember correctly),
one Strongylodon, namely Strongylodon macrobotrys, and 6 or 7 Mucuna.

Their home page (which is, imho, a little messy) is:


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