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Fri Jan 23 10:54:31 EST 1998

Florent Lemieux wrote:
>         What will happen after an ice storm with the trees of less than 4 inches
> diameter at breast height (d.b.h.) when they have been down to the ground
> for two weeks long, species like Yellow birch(Betula alleghaniensis B.),
> White birch(Betula papyrifera M.), Sugar bush(Acer saccharum M.), Red
> maple(Acer rubrum L.). In the forest will they be able to take their
> originals positions ? What kind of management we will have to do ?
>                 Please answer-me it's urgent !

I doubt if any will fully recover original positions, and many will not
go above a 45% angle if they are indeed to the ground.  This is not
scientific fact, but based on observations of other ice storms.
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