Cigarette Smoke Effects On Plants?

Eric nsraot at
Sun Jan 25 08:51:21 EST 1998

ellen at wrote:
> I can tell you anecdotally that I've had healthy houseplants all my life
> and have been smoking for over 40 years. (And I'm also healthy, btw. :-) )

Fortunate you.  I spend my life working on tobacco issues and the cruel
facts are these: (i) cigarette company products kill one out of every
two long term users; (ii) those from developed countries who die from
their smoking lose, on average, 16 years of life; and (iii)  half of
those killed by cigarette company products will die in middle age, with
an average loss of life of 23 years.

While we all know anecdotally someone who has smoked for a long time and
appear well, they are by far the exception.  I hope your luck holds out.

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