Cigarette Smoke Effects On Plants?

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Sat Jan 24 23:34:02 EST 1998

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>Could someone please tell me where I might find research published
>to do with the effect cigarette smoke has on plants (if any) ? My
>daughter is doing a school project (8th Gr.) and we are not having any
>luck finding info pertaining to this subject. My neighbor has told me
>my  plants could die if I smoke while working in my garden. So far none
>have died from this and that is about all I've ever heard about
>cigarette smoke effecting  plants.
>  Any info is greatly appreciated.

I can tell you anecdotally that I've had healthy houseplants all my life 
and have been smoking for over 40 years. (And I'm also healthy, btw. :-) )

Nicotine sulfate is a common plant pesticide -- some maybe smoking near
plants keeps them in good shape. ;)

As for outdoor gardens, urban pollution (much more than cigarette smoke)
has in fact been cited by some rose experts as a *deterrent* to blackspot,
a common fungus that afflicts roses in many climates. Certainly, my 
healthy little downtown garden has never seemed to mind either the 
pollution or my smoke. 

What your neighbor may be confused about is that there's a virus that
affects some tobacco plants. However, cigarette tobacco is (a)from a 
different plant, and (b)dried and processed. Besides, by the time you're
finished with it, it's ash. (Might even be useful as a fertilizer... :-) )

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