Tooth Problem

J Martin jmartin at
Sat Jan 24 20:57:34 EST 1998

Grigsby Hart Wotton wrote:
> Around a tooth that had a root canal 4 years ago I experience chronic
> soreness in the gum.  It often bleeds when I work on it with a toothpick
> as if there was an infection.  I have been putting tea tree oil on it with
> little success. Can anyone suggest a remedy?
> Thanks in advance,
> Grigsby Wotton

We have used Colloidal silver for similar problems - sounds like you
have gingivitis.  We simple "swish" a teaspoon or two around in the
mouth for about a minute, then swallow.  Colloidal silver kills over 650
disease organisms within 6 minutes of contact - and resistant strains DO
NOT DEVELOP, as they do with Rx antibiotics.  Email if you'd like more
info. jmartin at

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