Cigarette Smoke Effects On Plants?

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>> I can tell you anecdotally that I've had healthy houseplants all my life
>> and have been smoking for over 40 years. (And I'm also healthy, btw. :-) )
>Fortunate you.  I spend my life working on tobacco issues and the cruel
>facts are these: (i) cigarette company products kill one out of every
>two long term users; (ii) those from developed countries who die from
>their smoking lose, on average, 16 years of life; and (iii)  half of
>those killed by cigarette company products will die in middle age, with
>an average loss of life of 23 years.
>While we all know anecdotally someone who has smoked for a long time and
>appear well, they are by far the exception.  I hope your luck holds out.

I am not now a smoker, I have never been a smoker, and I have no plans
to become a smoker.  I am quick to point that out because I know some
people are so caught up in the heady feeling of moral superiority they
get from castigating smokers left and right that they are incapable of
hearing anything that comes from a smoker--and, if perchance they do
hear a line or two over their feigned gagging and shrill demands to
"put that cigarette out right now because the smoke is just too close
right out here in the open air, and BTW do you KNOW what you're doing
to your lungs??!!", they write it off as the pathetic rationalizations
of a sick and evil person intent upon killing everyone in sight very
slowly with their little death sticks.  Please!  One does not--as such
people assume--have to be a member of a tobacco lobby or a smoker to
find that kind of behavior rude, uncalled for, and suggestive of a,
well, of a *lack* of some kind that must be assuaged by claiming vast
superiority over an easily-hit scapegoat.  

Perhaps a bit of time working on their personal inadequacies would
take away their need to beat up on smokers, or perhaps a bit of time
spent listing and thinking about their own bad habits might make them
a bit more tolerant of others' foibles.  Of course, this is by no
means certain, as it is notoriously hard to get that sort of person to
admit to any faults at all.

Eavesdropping, list-making, misanthropic, paranoid insomniacs
do things right if they're let alone, but the strain of 
pretending to like people will destroy them every time.
(Florence King)

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