Poppy seeds

Kitty kcheng at ucdavis.edu
Mon Jan 26 14:21:20 EST 1998

John Doe wrote in message <34cc89c9.4268451 at news.gatech.edu>...
>>I´ve heard, that in some western counries (France, Portugal), it is not
>>alliwed to use poppy seeds in food.Could someone let me know, if it is
>>true? Do you eat poppy croissants in France?
>On a related note, I have heard that people who regularly eat poppy
>seed foods will test positive for narcotics in blood/urine tests. Can
>anybody confirm or refute this?

Yup, it's true . . . a girl in my school's rowing crew had a bagel with
poppy seeds on it and when the team was tested, she had to sit out because
there were traces of opium (?) in her blood.

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