Tooth Problem

Theresa Warner warner at
Tue Jan 27 10:37:06 EST 1998

Leave sharp objects in the mouth to the dentist , they are trained to poke
about in your mouth . The best thing to use is clove oil , easily available
as it  is used for teething too . It tastes yuck but apply it with a cotton
tip and it will numb the area and is antiseptic too . Also Myrh and keep
using the tea tree.

twarner at
Grigsby Hart Wotton wrote in message ...
>Around a tooth that had a root canal 4 years ago I experience chronic
>soreness in the gum.  It often bleeds when I work on it with a toothpick
>as if there was an infection.  I have been putting tea tree oil on it with
>little success. Can anyone suggest a remedy?
>Thanks in advance,
>Grigsby Wotton

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