Cigarette Smoke Effects On Plants?

Fa. C. Esveld D. van Gelderen c.esveld at
Wed Jan 28 15:52:06 EST 1998

I have worked on plants all my life. I don't smoke, but my mother smokes 50
a day. She's worked with plants also all her life and I never heard of or
found any ill effect on any plant. Probably this is due to the totally
different chemistry of plants in realtion to us humans.

Ross Drewe wrote:

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> > >> I can tell you anecdotally that I've had healthy houseplants all
> my life
> > >> and have been smoking for over 40 years. (And I'm also healthy,
> btw. :-) )
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> > >Fortunate you.  I spend my life working on tobacco issues and the
> cruel
> > >facts are these: (i) cigarette company products kill one out of
> every
> > >two long term users; (ii) those from developed countries who die
> from
> > >their smoking lose, on average, 16 years of life; and (iii)  half of
> > >those killed by cigarette company products will die in middle age,
> with
> > >an average loss of life of 23 years.
> ..snip..
> > Btw, your 'factoids' above are totally meaningless. But you knew
> that.
> I think that Eric is basically right about cigarettes and humans -
> there is a huge amount of research in the medical literature which
> makes it very clear that cigs are bad for you. I'm not interested in
> trying to persuade smokers to stop, but it's dishonest to pretend the
> evidence doesn't exist.
> What is more interesting is the original question - does cig smoke hurt
> plants?
> Eric implies that plants are probably injured by cigs simply because
> humans are. This does not follow at all. Many gardeners used to soak
> old cig butts in water to obtain a tar & nicotine solution which could
> be sprayed on plants to kill insects - even tough ones like
> grasshoppers. Gardening books and columns used to say that this would
> not hurt the plant. None of my gardening acquaintances have found any
> problem, so I'll be interested to hear if anyone can come up with more
> definite info.
> Ross Drewe

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