Rhamnus cathartica (European Buckthorn)

Leslie llcollins at ivory.trentu.ca
Sat Jan 31 21:13:25 EST 1998

Hi All,

	It just occurred to me that I might ask the good people at large on 
this newsgroup for a little help with my honours thesis. I am working with 
European Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), but though I have been working 
since Sept. 97 I have found very few references on this species, or its 
relative Glossy Buckthorn (R. frangula).

	If you have knowledge of any cool journal articles regarding the 
physiological ecology of these species, or even if you have first hand 
information on where either of them occur (ie. if you've seen them 
invading a marsh/woodland/etc.). As well, if you are under the opinion that 
a specific group of them you have observed growing is actually displacing 
native plant communities feel free to drop me an email at 
LLCollins at trentu.ca.

	Any information would be appreciated, but if you come up lacking 
for answers, don't worry, I am doing fine...I just come from the school of 
"more is better" and like to cover all my bases twice. :)

Thanks again and cheers,
Leslie Collins

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