Gnat Problem on Ficus

Chris & Mary Ellen Magoc cmmagoc at
Wed Jul 15 07:05:10 EST 1998

1.  Gnatrol -- available at Gardens Alive -- a soil drench that you use
when you water.

2.  A cup of beer (maybe vinegar), then take a Baggie, cut out a tiny hole
in one bottom corner, hang the Baggie over the cup, secure with a rubber
band.  This acts as a funnel, where the gnats can get into the beer, but
can't get out of the funnel trap.  Also, sometimes just leaving a cup of
beer nearby, and they drown in it.
Mary Ellen Magoc

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Rob Freundlich <robtoby at> wrote in article
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> We recently purchased 2 indoor ficus trees.  They are both on the small
> and are doing remarkably well.  The only problem is that they both have
> has been described to me as "fungus gnats".
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> Does anyone have any experience/suggestions with these critters??
> Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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