Help for Pothos

Dr Pretorius drpretorius at
Fri Jul 17 21:58:41 EST 1998

Try watering the pothos with distilled, or bottled water.  Sometimes the
chlorine content of tap water is great enough to cause "tip burn" in
various species.  If these waters aren't handy or available, you can
dechlorinate the water rapidly with a dilute sodium thiosulfate
solution, or at a more leisurely pace by letting it sit out in the open
for 4 or 5 days to dechlorinate.  Best of luck to you.
Dr Pretorius

Judy Hedgelon wrote:
> Does anyone know why the tips on the leaves of a seemingly healthy pothos
> should turn brown? I have 2 plants indoors and one hanging outside and they
> all seem to do the same thing periodically. Thanks in advance for any info.
> Judy

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