[Q] Wild Rice a Rice or another type of Grass?

mel turner mturner at snipthis.acpub.duke.edu
Mon Jul 20 03:08:23 EST 1998

In article <Ilys1.1112$3r.1504876 at newsfeed.slurp.net>, bnoel at harbornet.com 
>Someone told me that the wild rice that you buy in stores is actually not
>rice at all but a type of grass.  I thought rice is a type of grass.  Is
>wild rice a rice or another type of grass?

Both are in the grass family. Wild rice is in a different genus of grasses 
[Zizania]; rice is the genus Oryza.  See:

http://newcrop.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/nexus/Zizania_aquatica_nex.html  &


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