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> I was wondering if anyone could give me tips to help my gardenias.  Some
of the
> leaves are yellowing, a couple leaves are getting white and dry at the tips,
> and all of the buds are falling off.  All of my gardenia plants also have
> spiders.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I water them, spray them, and
> feed them like I was told.  Can anyone help me?
> Sincerely,
> Jessi

Try to lower the pH by adding sulphur to the soil (it takes time to take
effect, and if your plant is in dire straights you may want to try 2
things: do a foliar spray and drench with chelated iron dilution, and hit
the plant with a half-dose of ammonium sulphate. Before you do the latter,
be absolutely sure that the plant has been thoroughly watered
befoehand...then do the ammonium sulphate (I got that tip from Dr.
Gotthelf Wolmershaeuser to reduce pH for all the acid loving plants, in
addition to sulphur, but without waiting for sulphur to slowly change the

Set sprinkler or mister on the leaves 1 x or 2 x per day and get the
leaves good and wet, the spider mites hate that and wont hang out for
long. Otherwise, use a miticide.

Good luck

David Deutsch
Gondwana Gardens

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