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At 8:08 AM -0400 5/30/98, K.R. Ziarkowski wrote:
>This will work with any bromiliad, provided it is mature enough to do
>Retail stores use a ga, I forget which one to enduce flowering. The best
>is one that is highly flammable and used in some type of welding.

The effect is induced by ethylene gas.  Indeed
ripening apples produce it as do ripening avocados.
Acetylene, the welding gas, is close enough in
structure (C2H4 vs C2H2) to (at much higher doses)
elicit similar effects in some species. In the
old days NAA (an auxin) was used to promote bromeliad
flowering, but this is indirect as auxins stimulate
ethylene biosynthesis. Now ethrel (ethephon) is used
to cause ethylene release in a range of bromeliads.
This direct way is much better than indirect ways.


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