Bananas seeds?!

Scott McPhee hyphae at
Mon Jun 1 14:24:45 EST 1998

Very interesting, but the question Adao posed still stands. Why then does
the plant put the energy into flower and fruit production if it does not
reproduce that way?

Scott Mcphee

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Banana trees are not really trees but are overgrown herbs. Inside
bananas there are little black specks (seeds) but these are not viable.
Banana plants reproduce from the bottom up when new little plants come
up from the corm.  When a banana plant gets ready to make bananas it
sends out a flower stalk with odd looking flowers, these flowers get
pollenated, hence it makes bananas.  Strange but true!
(p.s.) bananas hang diferently than you would think, the hands of
bananas hang "upwards".

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