Patchouly Growing Conditions

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>       I recently aquired a 6" patchouly plant from a Maryland herb
>grower.  I have looked every where for its growing condition, but I have
>not found anything about the plant.
>       Does anyone know the region patchouly is indigenous to?
>       What is its growing condition?
>Thanks for the info!
>Luther Wike
The true patchouli Pogostemo cablin is indigenous to the Phillipines, it
is commercially grown in Malaysisa, Indonesia and India.

The crop requires a humid warm climate with an even distribution of
rainfall of 2,000 - 3,500 mm per annum. Mean temperatures between 24 -
30 C.

It is a herbaceous perennial propagated by internodal cuttings either
planted directly into field or initially raised in nurseries. In India
the optimum planting time is April - June. To produce the oil we will
take a cut 6 - 7 months after planting when the plant is 75 -100 cm in

The economic crop life is three years.

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