analysis of ammonium and nitrate in plants

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Tue Jun 2 02:06:33 EST 1998

Maybe you ll find some information in a new french book (INRA ed.) about
assimilation of N in plants. I don't know excatly but I beleive it has been
written i english.
english of the book is surely better than "my" english.

I don't know the web adress of INRA but it will be easy to find it.



Steve Houghton & Cristina Cruz <ambrosia at> a
écrit dans l'article <ambrosia-0106981737280001 at>...
> I am working on the metabolism of nitrogen in plants, especially
> Mediterranean trees.
> I have always had difficulty determining nitrate and ammonium in plant
> materials. I have tried several methods. For ammomium I tried Nessler and
> Indophenol Blue. For nitrate I tried NAS (I got lots of interference with
> the organic matter) and the reduction to nitrite using nitrate reductase
> from 
> E. coli (it is difficult to get the enzyme). I also experimented with the
> adapted Kjeldahl method for nitrate and ammonium, but this seems to be
> very time consuming and not very reliable.
> Would you please tell us about the methods that you are using at the
> moment and their advantages and disadvantages?
> Thanks for your attention
> Cristina Cruz
> -- 
> Steve Houghton & Cristina Cruz
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