Bananas seeds?!

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The commercial banana is parthenocarpic.  I.e. it sets fruit without
pollination or seed production.  It is seedless, just like a navel
orange.  Wild-type bananas have huge black seeds with just a thin
layer of pulp.

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>The yellow bananas we eat and buy in the store are hybrids and not "wild"
>types--thus no seeds.
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>> Banana trees are not really trees but are overgrown herbs. Inside
>> bananas there are little black specks (seeds) but these are not viable.
>> Banana plants reproduce from the bottom up when new little plants come
>> up from the corm.  When a banana plant gets ready to make bananas it
>> sends out a flower stalk with odd looking flowers, these flowers get
>> pollenated, hence it makes bananas.  Strange but true!
>> (p.s.) bananas hang diferently than you would think, the hands of
>> bananas hang "upwards".
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