Calathea Crocata

Nick mcmullen at
Mon Jun 1 23:02:17 EST 1998

I got this from the Virtual Garden web site.
Peacock plants do best in bright indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight; if
only artificial light is available, provide at least 400 foot-candies. Night
temperatures of 65° to 70° and day temperatures of 75° to 85° are ideal. The
plants are at their best in a terrarium, but do quite well on a tray filled
with pebbles and water to raise the humidity to about 50 per cent. Keep the
soil moist but not soggy. Feed established plants every two weeks with
standard house-plant fertilizer diluted to half the minimum strength
recommended on the label; wait two or three months before feeding newly
purchased or potted plants. Divide the strong roots and repot early each
spring before new growth starts. For best results use a mixture of 1 part
peat moss or leaf mold, 1 part perlite or vermiculite, 1 part sharp sand and
1/2 part well-rotted or dried cow manure. Otherwise, use a packaged highly
organic potting mixture formulated for African violets. Watch for spider

Also, I have gotten my calathea to flower.  Small, white delicate flowers on
long stalks.  Very attractive!  ;-)

Sílvia Lourenço wrote in message
<01bd8d6e$1f8d12e0$13b141c2 at>...
>I´m new to this newsgroup. I have a 'Calathea Crocata' and I would like to
>know if it needs special conditions like: fertilizer, water needs, direct
>sunlight, etc.
> Thanks.

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