please help me

john doe nobody at
Wed Jun 3 06:40:56 EST 1998

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998 23:00:40 +0200, "sergio" <serfiori at> wrote:

>Please let me know how to post my palm trees pics to the whole newsgroup as
>it seems I make a few mistakes when attaching .bmp and .jpg files to my
>Sergio Fiori
>Naples, Italy
Please don't!

Pictures do not belong in non-binary news groups. If you want people
to see your photo's, you basically have two options:

1. Post to a binary newsgroup, such as (I
don't know if such a group exists, but I doubt that many people
looking at would be very interested).
Then post to this group the notice of your posting of those pictures
to that group.

2. Create a web page that contains the photos, and then post to this
group a message containing the web address so that interested parties
can surf on over to that site for viewing.

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