pepperinia or something

CGeat25049 cgeat25049 at
Thu Jun 4 19:53:37 EST 1998

the plant you purchased is probably peperomia.very popular,very easy.i use a
standard care 4 most trop/subtrop plantskeep moderately moist.water only when
the surface of the soil starts to dry.bright light,usually an east window is
good .i            recommend wick watering 4 most tropicals up to 6 in
pot.wicking    involves inserting 6 " length of synthetic yarn inbot of
pot.allow     about 3-4 " to protrude.(some plant people cut up stockings or
blankets)you may b able to lift the whole plant out of the pot to        insert
the yarn.if the rootball is too loose,invest in a crocheting hook to pull the
yarn in through the top of the soil.set in a saucer of water til wick is good
and wet.this starts capillary action.the wick has to b suspended in a water
source.i find the containers that won ton comes in are good4 up to average size
pots. burn or poke a hole in the top of the container.fill with water,with or
w/o fertilizer  now insert the wick through the opening you've made.warning    
this procedure will not work if the plant is in loam.that's the very    heavy
soil you find in the backyard.this isdea works with soiless    mixes,preferbly
light ones(with extra perlite,that white stuff that     floats in water).using
wick watering is great if you're going on long as there is water in
the reservoir,the plant waters  itself via the amazing results  when
the plant is never    allowed to dry out! also as far as care 4 your plant or
any plant        regular repotting and fertilizing will help.repot when roots
start     to protrude from the bootom of the pot.go up one or two inches in pot
size,or if you want to keep the same pot clean off some of the   old soil
around the rootball and pack in may need to trim the roots a
bit.fertilizer general use of miracl grow a quarter    tsp in a gallon of
water.good luck! 

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