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A University of California book titled Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs
lists two pests:

-Omnivorous Looper: chews leaves
-Root Knot Nematode: galls or swelling on roots

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs by Sinclair et al notes the following:

-anthracnose (caused by Glomerella)
-heart rot (caused by Oxyporus populinus)
-Pestalotiopsis (many manifestations)
-root rot (caused by Phymatotrichum omnivorum) Ginko highly susceptable
-also has low tolerance to salt
-tolerant of ozone and sulfur dioxide

I have not seen any of the following, but I also do not spend too much time
around Ginkos.

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Scott Mcphee

Tim Baker wrote in message ...
>I am not aware of Ginkgo producing any special insecticidal or fungicidal
>compounds that protect it any more than other trees. Anatomically, the
>thick waxy leaves aren't particularly attractive to insects, and it is
>hard for fungal spores to settle and germinate on a waxy leaf.
>Ginkgo biloba is a living fossil from a remote area of China. It was only
>discovered and spread to Europe and North America in the last 100 years,
>and even then mostly in very recent time.  I suspect that because it is so
>primitive, most of the pests (fungi/ insect/ others) from outside its
>native zone have evolved and are now unable to attack an ancestor of the
>plants they are adapted to. It is likely there are Ginkgo pests in
>Incidentally, the Gingko trees planted today are almost all male. They are
>taken as suckers from sexed adult plants. This is because the fruit
>produced by female plants produces a very pungent odour...
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