Mildew is demolishing my roses!

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Mon Jun 8 15:21:18 EST 1998

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jmhashim  <ez075453 at> wrote:
>I am a new rose grower and to my delight a had some beautiful bushes to
>enjoy.  Unfortunately, I did not take any precautions to guard my beauties
>from powerdery mildew.  Needless to say, the weather warmed up, the mildew
>took over and now the new leaves look fairly depressed. Is there anyway
>that I can take some control measures now or is it too late.  I would
>appreciate some advice on this matter so that I don't make the same
>mistake next year.

Your best move is to plant disease resistant varieties, and plant them
where they get good air circulation, and prune them likewise.  You can
also make a non-toxic spray of baking soda and water which can prevent
the mildew spores from germinating and invading the leaf.  You have to
repeat this frequently.  Mildew can be unsightly without seriously damaging
the plant.  Of course, there are numerous commercial fungicides you can
buy and apply, too.

I suggest you investigate rec.gardens.roses for more help/info.

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