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Tue Jun 9 07:11:53 EST 1998

Lapacho is a name often given to Tabebuia  avellanedae, Bignoniaceae, a
tree that grows in Paraguay and Argentina.  It is said to have yellow
flower and red flower forms. For many years it has been used in folk
medicine, and made the transition to the US several years ago as a
reputed cure for cancer.  Some chemistry has been done on the tree, but
as far as I know the only bioactive substance yet identified is 2
hydroxy 3 (3methyl 2 butenyl) 1,4, naphthalenedione, commonly called
lapachol.  This compound did show some in vitro anticancer activity, but
not sufficient to warrent development as a drug.   For references to get
started on the literature, look in the Merck index under
lapachaol.           Tom McCloud   SAIC/Frederick Cancer Research

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> I try to have informations about Lapacho
> latin name, clinical indications.....
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