Opium Poppy Seeds (Papaver somniferum)

georg parlow georg at 2012.org
Sat Jun 13 14:41:27 EST 1998

W.I.N. Inc. <noemail at nothere123.com> wrote:

> Have you had much luck planting Papaver somniferum outside.  If so, what is
> your zone?  I've heard from many that their's are doing quite fine, but
> failed to get a zone from them.

they are very hardy. i here in austria the waldviertel, one of the
toughest regions at all, is famous for its poppy-production. zone 3 i
would guess - a windswept high plateau, 6 months of snow, cool summers
(ideal for hiking, if there wouldnt be the winds...). and since they
grow poppy in burma for commercial opium, it will grow all the way to
uone 10 i would guess.

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