Be forewarned//bonsais

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Sat Jun 13 08:15:09 EST 1998

Was this a juniper?  Bonsai need to be watered sometimes three or four
times a day, depending on the size of the pot. If it was one of those
tiny little pots I know Home Depot uses, those, in full sun, heat, will
need to be watered frequently.  You say it was fed, but how often?  It
may have been overfed.


In <01bd9632$d8aba260$f20f6520 at jill-s-computer> "Annie"
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>Someone I know posted here once about bonsais- she asked about the
>trees you can buy at Home Depot, etc in the decorative pots. I visited
>last night and the "bonsai" -which was guaranteed for a year- has
>died. Now, of course we knew this was NOT a "real" bonsai, but we
>it would LIVE. It looks as though it was dead anyway- absolutely NO
sign of
>any new leaves/growth etc. All the leaves turned brown and fell off-
it had
>plenty of sunlight and new leaves came out to replace the
>ones. Is it possible that places like Home Depot just sell dead pieces
>bushes that look ok for a while but can't grow? We knew this wasnt a
>bonsai of COURSE, but we thought it was a cute little piece of a bush,
>we thought it was alive!

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