mystic mystic at
Sat Jun 13 14:01:49 EST 1998

Annie wrote:
> Someone into alternative health//naturopathy//diet told me that people who
> want a really pure diet shouldn't eat any kind of peppers- bell, jalapeno,
> banana, etc. Apparently these can mess up the harmony of the body systems-
> apparently, peppers are in the same family -- nightshade??-- as poisonous
> plants? Is this true?

The common potato is in the same family as deadly nightshade --
A study was made on the effect of jalapenos and other like foods on
stomach ailments like ulcers.  The effect was minimal.  Of course, when
you believe that what you are eating is disturbing your bodily harmony,
it inevitably occurs just as you would think it might.  The power of the
mind to affect one's health is quite often far more affective than any
> Of course, I LOVE peppers, and natural health or no, I will continue to eat
> them. I'm not under the impression that peppers themselves are harmful,
> just more like preservatives: you should avoid them, if you want a strict
> and optimal diet...anyone have more info on the family?

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