can I eat this berry?

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Mon Jun 15 17:02:27 EST 1998

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>I have a tree called a service berry.  It is full of little red berries.  I
>was wondering if they were edible.  Can anybody help me with this question?

Yes!  Service berries (Amelanchier spp) produce rather nice fruit.  They
are sweeter when they turn purple, but less tart - a mixture is good.  The
ones used in landscaping are often quite tasty.  A.alnifolia, the saskatoon,
is an important local fruit crop in the Canadian prairies.  Saskatoon pies
are a regional specialty.  These berries were often used by the native people
to make pemmican, the original "energy bar", a pulverised and pressed mixture
of dried meat, fat and fruit.

I like to graze on the landscaping sometimes - I particularly enjoy the
way people passing by look at me like I'm nuts rather than knowledgable! :-)

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