FW: ANNOUNCE: Free Science Campaign

Stefano Ghirlanda stefano at zool.su.se
Sat Jun 20 09:00:25 EST 1998

--- Free Science Campaign ---

I am pleased to announce the start of a volunteer-based 
campaign aimed at obtaining less restrictive copyright 
agreements on scientific works.

Our goal is to obtain copyright agreements that, while
leaving to the publishers full commercial rights, 
grant authors the possibility of freely distributing 
their work for non-commercial purposes.

For example, everyone should be allowed to post their own
work on the web. It should be allowed to create databases 
of scientific papers, provided no fees are requested to 
access the papers.

We feel that imposing restrictions on these activities is
causing damage to science.

In this short announce, I would just like to say that these
goals are *possible* ones. Some publishers already adopt 
science-friendly policies.

Please read more at http://rerumnatura.zool.su.se

 Stefano Ghirlanda, Zoologiska Institutionen, Stockholms Universitet
    Office: D554, Arrhenhiusv. 14, S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 164055, Fax: +46 8 167715, Email: stefano at zool.su.se
     Support Free Science, look at: http://rerumnatura.zool.su.se

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