Mono and dicotyledons

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> Dear people,
> I am doing a project on plants and I would like to know more information on
> Dicotyledons and Monoctyledons. Would anyone like to help me?
> Thanks! :)
> FRom Jiajia (SIngapore)

For more information, try an encyclopaedia. The categories are the basic
groupings for FLOWERING plants and refer to the number of 'seed leaves' which
emerge from the ground when a seed germinates. The monocots have one seed
leaf and include the grasses, irises, lilies, flaxes, rushes and generally
have their flower parts (often insignificant)in 3s. Dicots have  two seed
leaves and include woody plants like shrubs and trees, as well as herbs. They
have flower parts in 2s, 4s or 5s generally.



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