Oxalis Regnellii

Beverly Erlebacher bae at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Jun 22 13:27:48 EST 1998

In article <01bd9b93$5df55960$71ba72c0 at euronet.euronet>,
ðéø âáéæåï <gabizon at inter.net.il> wrote:
>I  who can tell me where i can get seeds of oxalis regnellii.
>If somebody can explain to me how i can do it by division.

Look at the soil level or just below and you will see that these plants
grow from small bulb-like structures, and spread by making more of them.
These plants are very easy to divide.

Btw, you can make these plants go dormant by withholding water.  This 
is one of the best ways of ridding them of white flies or other difficult

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