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Wed Jun 24 16:13:54 EST 1998

Am Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:49:39 +0100, Andy McMullen
<jamcmullen at> schrieb:

>Hello out there,
>Does anybody know how to make Twinspan accept a data file with more 
>than 200 samples?
Hi Andy!

I have used Twinspan with 960 samples and it worked quite good. My
Version of Twinspan has been modified a bit for a special software
package to run with a DOS-box in win95 - otherwise you get errors in
Win95!. Check your config.sys for information on stack-size or try to
disable the extended memory manager. For more information use E-Mail
to kohlr at

Ralph Kohl
Istitute for Plant Ecology
University of Münster

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