big problem with small bug on my cherry tree !

Delphine Degrande ddegrande at
Fri Jun 26 14:19:57 EST 1998

Hi netters,

I have a big problem with some kind of aphids, plant louse or I don't know
what ! The young leaves of my cherry tree are rolling up, protecting black
aphids inside and dying after 1 or 2 weeks. Because of the enormous size of
the tree, I'm looking for a commercial pesticid which could be spraid on a
part of the leaves and after enter and flow in the tree, poisonning the
aphids ! If a such pesticid exists and if someone could tell me where to
buy it, I hope to have for the first time, some cherries on my tree after
pesticid treatment !

Thank you for reading this and seeking an answer for me if you can !

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"Que la force soit avec toi"
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