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Sat Jun 27 10:19:35 EST 1998

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  Rich Young <ryoung at> wrote:
> Please help me to identify a plant that, in the past two
> years, has become quite prevalent in my yard.  I seem to
> recall someone telling me that it's a variety of orchid,
> but I'm not sure.
> Anyway, it grows from a VERY deep root (which cannot be
> pulled up without breaking the stem), has pointed, single,
> leaves, ribbed longitudinally and growing on alternating
> sides of the stem.  It appears to have small, green flowers
> on a head that tends to hang from the top of the stalk.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> - Rich Young

Care to give any indication of size, number of petals, flower-shape, which
country you're in ?


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