Bonzai HELP!

dwr at dwr at
Wed Mar 4 12:17:17 EST 1998

Call it a bonsai, and post your question to rec.arts.bonsai or
alt.bonsai to receiver a proper response.

>I just bought a bonzai plant.
>I never had a plant in my life but i found it so beutiful that i couldnt
>Now i have a problem...
>I falowed the instructions about temperatures, light, water and all that
>stuff but...
>A friend of mine told me that a must be carefull with the brenches.

>i mean i must cut here and there...

>Before i buy a book (i know i must...) can anyone give me some advices?

>my plant is a ULMUS PARVIFOLIA.

>i know is not the best kind (like in dogs talk about loop) but is my new

>tanx :)

DAve  (Think small, grow a bonsai)

Zone 6B, Southern Ontario, Canada

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