Witches Broom

Marek Leda LEDA at fagus.ib.uj.edu.pl
Fri Mar 6 17:21:37 EST 1998

David Bömer wrote:
> To everyone who knows a witches broom in a Quercus, Fagus or a Ginkgo:
> Please let me know where I can find it and if I can possibly obtain some
> grafting material.
> If it's interesting I'll reward it.
> David Bömer

I know two Ginkgos with witches-brooms in Poland. The first one is very
dense, spherical, with many small leaves (1-3 cm long). Another one is
not so dense and leaves are a little bigger. For more informations
please contact with me via personal e-mai adress.

   Marek Leda
   Krakow, Poland

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