Succulents and Caudiciform Plants

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                    Succulents and Caudiciform Plants

Succulents have been in cultivation for many years, and many are highly
prized collectors’ items. Succulents, which are distinguished from
are found throughout the world but it is in Southern Africa where the
succulent flora reaches its highest concentration. Succulents are
into three groups:

   a.leaf succulents such as Gasteria and Conophytum;
   b.stem succulents such as various Euphorbias and Stapelias and
   c.Caudiciforms, which makes use of a swollen organ such as a stem or
     root, which serves as a reservoir which may or may not be below
     ground level.

A typical example of a Caudiciform plant is Dioscorea elephantipes, the
elephant’s foot or turtle back plant. There are many other Caudiciforms:

Kedrostis, Tylecodon, and Pachypodium to name but a few.

In the last few years there has been an unprecedented swing by plant
collectors towards Caudiciform plants, and they are know enjoying great
popularity with growers throughout the world.

Please ask us for a succulent plant list and mention the varieties of
succulents you are most interested in.

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