Old rubber tree

Colin Will colin.will at virgin.net
Sat Mar 14 09:13:38 EST 1998

>   I would suggest your local library would have a book illustrating this
> but here goes.
> At a point  at least a foot or so down the stem make a v shaped notch
> breaking the bark. Wrap the injured region in a ball of sphagnum most
> wet with water and maybe a bit of liquid plant food. Wrap the ball in
> plastic to keep it damp. In time the plant should put out roots from the
> injured bark into the wet moss. You can cut off the plant below these
> new roots and plant it in a new pot. I don't recall how long it takes
> before the roots form but I would suggest waiting at least a week before
> even checking.
> If you do this to a limb rather than the trunk the plant will want to
> grow as a limb rather than as a trunk. Not nice and straight.

Dwight's right, but give it about six weeks to push out a lot of new
roots into the moss. The parent plant will usually make new side shoots
from dormant buds below the cut-off point, and form a bushier habit.
That way you don't have to cut holes in the ceiling to allow your plant
to flourish.

Cheers again


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