maize in Asia before Columbus

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: Jeffrey L Baker <jbaker at U.Arizona.EDU> writes:


: >Also over the last ten years a major project has been ongoing at
: >Vijayanagara (in the southern Deccan), including work into the
: >agricultural activities by Kathleen Morrison. No maize.
: >This site was occupied from around 1350 to ca. 1600.


Is her work published, or perhaps you're basing your view on anecdotal
evidence? If it is published, could you please provide the ref?

: No post-1492 maize at all? 

Yes, I would find this rather curious. Maybe she also somehow missed the
post-1492 maize that was there?

: According to the Jean Andrews
: article you mentioned earlier in Geographical Review, 1993,
: maize was well established
: in India by 1520 or so, being exported in bulk by the Portuguese 
: from Gujurat, the coastal area of India W. of Bombay, by that date.
: It may not have been suitable for all climates, but surely it should
: show up somewhere in the archaeological record if it is as indestructable
: and immistakable as we have been led to believe. 
: Or if she  _has_ found post-1492 maize, are you certain 
: she is not using it to date horizons?     



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