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_Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture_, by Anand Prakash and Jagadiswari
Rao, Lewis Publishers (CRC Press), Boca Raton, FL, 1997, 461 pp.,
$104.95, ISBN 0-97371-825-9.

  Given its price, this book is obviously not for casual purchase;
neither is it for casual reading--and we doubt that anyone would want to
read it from cover to cover!  But if you're looking for specific
information (and references to research) on plant-derived pesticides,
nothing else comes close.  Brief summaries of the pesticidal activities
for hundreds of plants are arranged (in alphabetical order by scientific
name) in three sections: for control of insect pests; for control of
pathogenic nematodes; and for control of mites, rodents, and molluscan
pests.  An additional section lists biologically active chemicals that
have been isolated from plants.  The utility of the book is assured by
its indexes: the first lists common names of plants, and the second
lists both scientific and common names of insect pests.
  To give you an idea of the thoroughness of this book, there are more
than 60 pages on the insecticidal properties of materials derived from
the neem tree, with several tables presenting the results of dozens of
  _Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture_ will be invaluable for
researchers--ranging from backyard amateurs and students who are doing
science projects to professionals in academia and industry--searching
for viable alternatives to synthetic pesticides.  We hope that many
public libraries will purchase this expensive book and make it available
to those who cannot afford to buy their own copy, so as to facilitate
such research.
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