maize in Asia before Columbus

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: -- perhaps, to a man who won't answer a simple straightforward question.

I've answered this question already, but unfortunately you have problems
with reading comprehension. 

The absense of remains of maize in India cannot be considered by any means
as a decisive evidence against Johannessen's hypothesis. Because the
material remains of Hoysala settlements remain inadequately studied.

OTOH, Johannessen's hypothesis is supported by a large amount of
botanical, genetic (the work of Prof. Sachan), linguistic and literary
evidence. Some supporting archaeological evidence is also available.

Genetic evidence alone, if studied adequately, is perfectly capable of
proving Johannessen correct. (As I understand it, some genetic testing is
happening at this time.) So archaeologists certainly have no monopoly on
pronouncing any kind of a verdict in this case.

OTOH, _if_ the case is proven on other grounds, the incompetence of
archaeologists and/or inadequacy of their methods will be made rather

Understand now, Stirling?


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