Aloe Vera Problem . . . .

Murielle L. Sey mlsey at
Wed Mar 25 13:12:10 EST 1998


	I don't normally post to your ng, but I'm hoping that someone can
tell me what to do about my Aloe Vera problem.  (G)

	My mother has--had--a huge Aloe Vera plant that was growing down
the side of her planter, while re-arranging her furniture the other day
the long "leafy" stems that were "shooting" from the original plant were
broken off in four pieces.  I know nothing about Aloe Vera plants, but
would like to save these "bits" that broke off if I can.  I brought them
home and put them in water to root, but this is a cactus (?) and I'm not
sure if that's the correct thing to do.

	Can someone tell me how to salvage these "Bits", please.  I mean
two of them are almost good-sized plants themselves, and the other two
bits would make nice little "starter" plants.

	What should I do with the "bits"? . . .  help!  (G)


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